Carter Reservoir Mustangs


       Carter Reservoir HMA mustangs are found in the north western corner in the state of Nevada, bordering the state of California. The Carter Reservoir Mustangs are one of the few wild horse herds to be proven scientifically by DNA testing to have been descended from the Old World Iberian breeds ridden by the Spanish Explorers. The Carters have been able to keep most of their ancestors genes because of the isolated area where this wild herd lives. Because of certain factors, including outside infiltration of other horse herds, environmental changes and human intervention causing them to move outside their normal herd area, this herd is dwendling in numbers which will cause a reduction in their structural DNA. We have decided this is a herd worthy of extra attention so as to keep their Heritage intact. To learn more about the Carters visit or click on:











































               Distinctive Markings of Carter Reservoir Mustangs


     Carter horses display the "Dun Factor", which alot of other horses also have. What makes them so different and special? Their beautiful, unusual markings! Carters can possess a variety of markings such as; leg stripes, dorsal stripes, cob-webbing, face masks, barring on neck or whithers and herringbone stripes. They may also display dark outlined ears and two toned manes and tails.

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HMA Maps:



Area Map




HMA for Carter Herd is displayedby Yellow area on map to the left.

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