Adobe Mountain Equine was a visual thought

of a wonderful widowed woman, who lived in the

high desert near Lancaster, California.




Phyllis DuPont (B. 1925 - D. 2010) settled in the Antelope Valley of California in the early 1950's. Her husband worked for the Aero Space Industries after WWII, so they decided to purchase land in the area of Adobe Mountain to Homestead for their future retirement.


Phyllis was a genuine lady, she never had a bad thing to say about anything or anyone, Ever! She loved life, people, animals and her desert oasis. Phyllis would take in strays of all sorts, it did not matter if they were human or animals. She gave food and water to all the desert wildlife that came to her home. There were birds of all types she would feed every day, the weekly visits of coyotes and their pups, sometimes bobcats and desert tortoise, this was just the wildlife! Phyllis always had a dog or two and cats. Then she decided to help a burro in need and ended up getting two.


Phyllis lived in her desert home almost 30 years after her husband passed away. She talked about how much joy it gave her to give sanctuary to the wildlife during their time of need. I miss Phyllis everyday and reminisce about the years we spent together as friends, but always feeling like family. She is that gentle whisper telling me "You have a gentle soul, share it with the world"....

And so it begins.... A small jesture of kindness can spark a new awareness of what your life was meant to be. Walking paths that never seemed to make sense, always leaving you lost about your direction. Adobe Mountain Equine, Inc. is a new beginning for not only us, but also our next generation. Our hope is to bring young people an awareness of wild horses and the impact it would have if we lost them. We are a small group with big ideas which will include education, herd preservation, rescue and sanctuary of unwanted captured Mustangs. After all it was not their choice to give up their Freedom. 

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   Education... Herd Preservation... Rescue... Sanctuary...


    A California Registered 501c3 NonProfit Public Charity Fed ID # 47-1989582